Ardeur: 14 Writers on the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series (Smart Pop series)

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Thus: Editors Picks. Throughout April, Ardeur contributors will also be serving as guest bloggers. They look good wearing all those hats, trust me. Marella uses the same quick wit from her essay in her post below, although with a slightly different spin. From BenBella Books. Email Tweet. But I kept my doubts to myself. He had enough of his own without me sharing. He drew a deep breath that moved his bare chest up and down along my covered one.

My body reacted to it, whether I wanted it to or not. Nipples hardening from the brush of him. He drew back enough to see my face, and the look in his eyes was all male, and brought heat in a rush up my face again. It sped my pulse in my throat. He was submissive, but underneath all that was something that could have been very dangerous, and it was there in his eyes now, that promise of disaster.

Ardeur: 14 Writers on the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series

He wanted me to see him on stage, surrounded by screaming fans. Maybe he wanted to impress on me that even if I didn't want him, others did.

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I guess I'd earned it, having my face rubbed in it. He poked his lip out at me, like an imitation of a child. Murder takes precedence over watching my boyfriend strip.

Emancipating the Mnd in the New Era

I heard Nathaniel's laugh trail down the stairs. It reminded me of another man in my life, who'd left me with a laugh this morning. I was just amusing the hell out of everybody today. Explorations Interview with Laurell K. When many series -- especially in the fantasy genre -- get past the fifth or sixth installment, the plotlines are usually rehashed and lack the fiery creativity that started the saga in the first place. Your series is just the opposite: With every new novel, it seems you dramatically increase readership while continuing to breathe new life into Anita and her friends.

Two questions: Why do you think your Anita Blake novels are continuing to gain new readers? And when you started writing about Anita, did you ever dream that you would be publishing your 12th Anita Blake novel? Laurell K. Hamilton: I'll answer the second question first -- and that is I hoped but I did not know. There's no way to be sure that a series is going to have this kind of longevity.

I knew I had enough tentative plot outlines and I knew that I had certainly built a world big enough to play in this long -- but that doesn't mean that you'll get the chance. Publishing is really tough right now. The other question about gaining readership -- it's one of those things where I'm still having more people in line at signings even as the crowds grow and grow that say my sister, my coworker, my friend, the librarian, the person at the bookstore, recommended these books to me. I'm still getting that word-of-mouth.

The fans have been great about spreading the word. The Web has definitely played a part. Truthfully, I would not be as popular, especially worldwide, if I did not have, I think, over 1, sites I don't even know how many sites are out there now that either have something to do with me or my books. The biggest [reason] why the readership continues to grow is the fact that I am still having an absolutely wonderful time, that I am still enjoying myself immensely.

It's not just fantasy series that peter out around the fifth or sixth book; many mystery series seem to lose steam around there, too. It's hard to sustain your vision, hard to sustain why you originally sat down to write this series in the first place. For me, with Anita, I'm very lucky that I still remember what sat me down to write this and why I wanted to play in this world. Anita's world is not static at all -- and Anita is not static. I think a lot of series make the mistake of not letting their characters grow. Because Anita grows and changes and the people in her life grow and change, it means that I am never bored.

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In fact, I find myself often surprising myself and saying, "Oh my God, you're not really going to do that! Of all the Anita Blake novels thus far, Incubus Dreams is easily the most complex. With all the life-altering changes occurring with Anita and her relationships, were the numerous plotlines in this novel more difficult to weave together than those in any other Anita Blake novel? LKH: This was one of the hardest Anita novels to write because, as you said, it was so packed. There was nothing left out that I wanted to do in this book. Due to the time constraints of doing two series, with such big books in each, I've sort of -- not shortchanged, but I've sat there and said that I'll put some of the "personal stuff that can wait kind of thing" in the next book.

For Incubus Dreams, I included everything. In this book I did not shortchange anything I wanted to do. I indulged. And it was a great deal more fun because of that. The book was a great deal of fun for me as a writer.

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And from what I've been hearing back from early readers, they're feeling the same way, too. PGA: Any comments about all the novels being published now that are extremely similar to your Anita Blake sequence? Irritated or flattered? After I first hit big, I heard from several writers, editors, and other people in the business that people were saying, "I thought it would be more Hamiltonesque" or "I want Hamiltonesque.

I'm neither irritated nor flattered -- [I was] puzzled at first. People who have read my stuff and have felt truly inspired to write something comparable with ideas of their own, to take something that spoke to their heart and make it their own, I'm cool with that. The people who are just jumping on the bandwagon, I don't care who they're imitating, that's just sad.

PGA: You talked briefly in your acknowledgements about visiting strip clubs while doing research for Incubus Dreams. What was the most memorable experience you had during those outings? LKH: Hmm…I don't know, it's a very weird Miss Manners moment to be in a place where people are nude and trying to be attractive and, ah, my take on it very often was, "Oh my God!

See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 8. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Vampire hunter Anita Blake finds her life is more complicated than ever, caught as she is between her obligations to the living-and the undead. About the Author. Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri.


Date of Birth: February 19, Place of Birth: Heber Springs, Arkansas. Education: B. Read an Excerpt I was in the kitchen eating biscuits with butter and honey slathered all over them. Show More. Table of Contents. Interviews Explorations Interview with Laurell K.